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Massage treatment is growing in demand in day to day life and it is one of the most treatment options available and may provide coverage for treatment sessions. Why do people need massage treatment? It is the most important question that arises in many minds. If you need or want…


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Learning something new in this lockdown will definitely increase your skills and knowledge. By learning the below courses, there is a high possibility for getting more job opportunities. JAVA In today’s world, Java is one of the object-oriented programming languages. It is definitely worth learning in this lockdown. It is…

Microsoft Azure Vs Cloud Computing

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Microsoft Azure is formerly called Windows Azure. Users can pick the data from different services for the app development process. Cloud Computing is the use of hardware and software to provide a connected service. Both Cloud Computing and Azure are widely used on different platforms such as Infrastructure as a…

How To Improve Your Fluency In English

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The key to learning a language is to find a balance between studying and practicing the language. Nowadays English is mandatory for communication which is very helpful in our day to day life. Though it is a universal language, many people are finding difficulties in communicating with others as they…

Latest Versions In Selenium

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What is Selenium? Selenium is an open-source software testing tool for Web applications across different platforms. It is used in the Software industry for testing web applications. Testing is done by using a Selenium tool  called Selenium Testing. FITA provides in-depth knowledge in Selenium testing, automation, selenium IDE and much…

How python is used for hacking?

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Get and post the two protocols used to communicate between the client and the server. GET is to request the data and POST is to submit the data using the Python programming language. Several HTTP libraries like httplib, urllib and requests are the three libraries used to process the HTTP…

Which Android app makes the phone a great tool?

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Mobile app users are increasing day by day. Millions of applications are available on the play store, users can download applications as per their requirements. Smartphones are used for a wide variety of purposes such as to make calls, transactions, learning process, etc. New kinds of applications are introduced every…

Tips to learn German Language

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There is a saying in German “Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache” (German language, difficult language) But, German is not that difficult to learn, German language words are derived from the English language, so when you learn German classes in Chennai with the knowledge of English it is easy to understand quickly….

Tips for Software Testers

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Software testing at present becomes mandatory for any applications which you would like to deliver without any bugs or errors to the developers. Many developers understand that testing is not a simple approach, it has to be seen from the wider way. Testing is a collection of tests and evaluation…

Writing Tips for the IELTS Exam

Before cracking the IELTS exam it’s inevitable to prepare a time table schedule as per your time availability. So, the purpose of writing IELTS exam is to test the proficiency for the countries like Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, UK and USA. So, IELTS exam is conducted to judge the…