5 Famous Apps using ReactJS Nowadays

ReactJS course

In this new digital world, we have to adapt to the latest trends. Major apps like Netflix, Facebook, Instagram and others are constantly improving their experience with new innovations. React is powerful and lightweight to build UI with JavaScript. In India, almost 32 thousand websites are built using the ReactJS framework.

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What is React?

React is a JavaScript library, it allows you to develop web and mobile applications. React is simple, fast and scalable. ReactJS allows you to reuse the components, at the same time it helps to construct virtual DOM and hosts in memory. It is definitely a worthy choice and the user can develop large-scale apps with changing data frequently. React js is helpful to build advanced mobile and web applications. It is shortly called as WORA (Written Once and Run Anywhere).

Pros of React

  1. Virtual DOM
  2. Support for compositional design pattern
  3. Isomorphic JavaScript

Why companies prefer to React?

  1. Netflix

React framework works with Netflix. Gibbon is used for low-performance TV devices, instead of Document Object Model (DOM) a user can use web browsers. Netflix uses JavaScript, it helps to transform their website into SPA.

  1. Facebook

Facebook uses ReactJS and their webpage built with React. Facebook is the place where we can share our ideas publicly. Recently, FB opens beta and it was rewritten by ReactJS. The other name of ReactJS is React Fiber. It is responsible for Android native components and it displays iOS elements.

  1. Instagram

Instagram majorly uses ReactJS. Various features including Google Maps Application Program Interface (APIs), geo locations, search engine accuracy and tags.

  1. Whatsapp

Whatsapp uses ReactJS to build UI from Facebook and it is like Velocity.js and Underscore.js.

  1. Yahoo Mail

Facebook owns yahoo and yahoo mail client uses react. Nowadays engineers are now working with Yahoo Mail Platform to improve their services.

Reasons to choose ReactJS in Yahoo

  1. Code in JavaScript
  2. Virtual Document Object Model allows both client and server side rendering
  3. Implements one-way reactive data flow

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Hope this helps.