How To Prepare Current Affairs For UPSC Prelims?

IAS Current Affairs

UPSC is known as the Union Public Service Commission. The commission conducts the exam every year for recruiting candidates who are eligible for prestigious official posts all over India. Current Affairs are the topic in which the students show great interest to study. Current affairs vision IAS provides monthly material for current affairs in two languages, English and Hindi. 

Limit your sources:

When focusing on current affairs, be sure about the topic because it is a vast area. Current affairs keep on changing as time passes by. It doesn’t mean reading more materials will yield you more marks. Students focus on random magazines and keep them without reading. That is, running after too many materials will not produce efficient results. One has to choose the quality rather than the quantity. 

The current affairs sources include The Hindu, internet, daily compilation and monthly compilation of materials from various sources, All India Radio, etc. Each aspirant is different from others. Few research the best website and look for the best coaching material on the website for current affairs. They invest very little time in reading it. Thus one has to do the research and find the sources and stick to them. Then the process will go fine. The daily newspaper is the best current affairs for UPSC which covers the latest current affairs.    

Limit your time: 

Most of the aspirants do not neglect the newspaper, rather they spend more time on it. Thus they spend very less time preparing for the other concepts. They do not have sufficient time to read other subjects. Current affairs and newspapers are the materials for the IAS exam but one has to calculate the amount of time they invest in it. Current affairs need 3 hours to finish. More than 4 hours of current affairs are overkill. Thus limiting time is very important while preparing the current affairs. 

Focus on specific issues:

News generally talks about the incidents that are happening daily. On the other side, issues focus on the ideas. First reason out the issue of why it is happening. Understand the background knowledge and know the current status of the issue.  IAS daily current affairs play a major role in all three parts of the civil service examination.