New features in Salesforce

New features in Salesforce

Let me see some of the New Features in Salesforce as of January 26, 2018. The software is up fronted with frequent changes towards betterment. Latest changes are known through the version change or the legal release from the company. The Salesforce Training in Chennai is the best course for the marketing engineers. The Salesforce is about the customer relationship management and there are so many clouds like sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, commerce cloud, Analytics cloud, IOT cloud, App cloud, health cloud, and financial services cloud. Java, Apex, and visual force are some of the languages used in the Salesforce.

There are two areas in the sales force software one is called as sales force developer and the other one is called as sales force admin. For both the job it is important to know about the latest added features and how to use it or how to implement it in your product. The software usage towards your product is decided by the developer and the product usage is decided by the admin person. Let me see about the latest features in Salesforce. Salesforce Training teaches about the various methodologies to improve sales through cloud technology.

Journey builder advertising

The journey with the customer and marketing person can be through SMS, email, push notifications, ads, the web, and apps. The customers are from different age groups and different taste and preferences. So the channel of communication is tailored as per the nature of the customer. This personalized journey has been taken care of by the Journey builder in the sales force. The customization and the content of the journey are designed from the predefined set of templates. There are so many Salesforce Training Institutes in Chennai to train the latest changes in the Salesforce product. This feature helps to create advertisement without contacting advertisement agency. Email marketing, mobile marketing, and Facebook marketing can be done through Journey builder. The advertisement campaign in the Facebook can be added to the Journey builder.

Network connections

Distributed marketing is used for sharing the personalized customer journey to all the networks. The sales network is the dealers, franchise partners, financial advisors, insurance agents, Facebook viewers, and linked-in viewers. The Journey builder details can be shared among the sales cloud, service cloud, or community cloud to promote the product and achieve the sales target. The knowledge derived from the Salesforce Course in Chennai is very helpful to clear the corporate interviews.

Email marketing and data protection

The marketing emails generally consist of images, content, coupons, the latest updates regarding the new product, or the latest information regarding the discount from the company. The image can be added even after sending the email and the content can be changed and then delivered to the end customer with the help of the newly added feature in the Salesforce software. The GDPR is initializing the data protection of data and sales force software is also doing the research to protect the data of the customers.

Global delivery management in the Salesforce

The DMP control the ad through multi-channel campaigns. If the number ads are more there are chances to change the mindset of the customer and the buyer behavior changes. Global delivery management controls the ads and checks for the minimum number of ads to attract the end customer.


These new features are expected to improve the sales conversion and the data protection is also simultaneously given more importance. The sales manager is given more importance to increase the profitability than the product manager. The Salesforce increases the profitability and the branding of the product through multiple channels.