Reasons why should you get certified in AWS

Cloud is dominating the Internet world

Cloud the new technology is used to monitor various activities of computers and mobile application. Cloud reduces the infrastructure cost, time and resource allocation cost to the company. The storage cost may go up or down depending upon the profit or loss in business. Thus, Cloud helps to anticipate your loss and gives the flexibility by the way of creating a virtual office. Cloud secures your data and gives online access to your business. Even the Gmail id which we use is also one form of the cloud application. There are so many services provided in the name of cloud by Amazon web services. The acceleration of cloud is increasing rapidly from 16 percent to 41 percent in future one report says which led demand to AWS Training in Chennai. The quarterly revenue of Amazon Company is increasing from $1.8 to $2.89 which is more than 58 percent of growth. Since the growth is increasing tremendously the foundation knowledge is highly important to fill in the huge opportunities in the companies using the Amazon cloud technology.

Levels of certification in AWS:

AWS Training in Chennai trains the students at two levels of certificates to scale up the knowledge with the required skill set. The associate level for beginner and the professional level for experienced personnel. The traditional method is installing the software on the computer whereas the modern method is creating the virtual access in the internet for the process, application and data center. AWS Course in Chennai provides two types of courses as sysOps and DevOps. Sysops delivery style is ITIL {Information technology and Infrastructure library} whereas the DevOps delivery style is the coordination between developers and operators team. AWS Training institutes in Chennai provide the training to bridge the gap between the business opportunities. The new work culture shapes the admin personnel as the multitasking personnel to run the business for a long run.

Global demand for the Certification in AWS:

Best AWS Training institutes in Chennai train the students for certificate preparation with top valued corporate trainers which helps the students to clear the certificate. The demand for admin is comparatively big than the demand for the developers. Certification cost is USD 150 and USD 300 for associate level and advanced level.  Lots of fortune 1000 companies are moving their projects to cloud platform which shows the heavy competition for the professionals with cloud certification. Best AWS Training in Chennai provides the training with real time projects to bridge the gap between the theoretical learning and practical learning.  In US and UK, 42 percent of the job vacancies exist from cloud technology. The demand and salary always march in the same direction. If the demand is more then, the salary of the learned experts also increases. The latest news about Apple is that the company will pay Google $400 and $600 million for access to the cloud services. This partnership shows that cloud market is definitely going to reach its peak. Learning is the most interesting task which guides us with bright future.