Significance of Software Automation Test using Testing Tools like QTP & LoadRunner

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In Software Development Lifestyle, software testing plays a significant role. It’s not enough doing manual testing we should also do automation testing to deliver quality software’s. When you go for manual testing, there will be huge chances for making mistakes. They may provide incorrect input data due to typo, or something they couldn’t notice the real behaviour of the system correctly, or they may modify the order of the test case execution in case series is essentials, or they may fail to execute some test cases. So do prefer automation testing tool with help of QTP. If you want to learn some of significant automation tool do QTP Training in Chennai or LoadRunner Training.

Another significant factor is, Automation test script will be used as a way of storing task/domain/project knowledge gained by the Testing Engineers. Getting working experience for one year will help you to learn the flow of entire functionalities and you will be getting stronger knowledge to face all the issues and challenges in all kind of projects. When you give some break, you will lose the confidants on your knowledge so be updated with the latest skill set in automation testing with help of our QTP Training and LoadRunner Training in Chennai.

QTP has some features for preserving screenshot of every single page navigated during the execution. So it can be used as a proof for end of testing, and also get previous test execution screenshots if there is any necessity to refer them. Using this tool you can automatically generate customized report page which will ensure the quality and accuracy of the report and also it can enhance the look and feel of the report.

The most important benefits of automation testing over manual testing are execution speed. You can easily complete test execution and also we can make the execution even in night time without any human involvement. So eventually whole time required for testing can be condensed which is importantly help for timely project completion.

There may be constraints of doing some testing at specific time. It can be simply achieved by putting execution of those automation test scripts in a task scheduler job. Using software testing tool such as QTP supports calling of these test scripts.

There are huge automation testing tools available for doing Regression, Performance and Functional Testing. Test Complete, QARun, LoadRunner, SilkTest, TestPartner, QALoad, SilkPerformer, WinRunner, QTP, openSTA, Rational Robot are some of them. QTP is most extensively used now as it supports vbscript and it helps to test various applications just by adding essential add-ins.

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