Microsoft’s latest declaration and updation of product focused at helping the customers shift from their VMware environment contains unsurprisingly, not dragged down well with the virtualization giant. Learn VMware Course to enhance your career.

Microsoft announces migration of Azure, a free service, which becomes widely available to all the customers of Azure. The key use case & the one that Corey Sanders who is the Azure director of compute, reported as a constant request, that is moving on premises VMware workloads to Azure.

Majority of you are looking forward to shift to the cloud in order to assist business move rapidly said Sanders. Meanwhile we understand which it might not be possible to function your entire business in the cloud. Undertake VMware Training in Chennai to enrich your knowledge.

Also Sanders added “The fact is operating your VMware virtualization stack in the cloud wont address your hybrid requirements”.  You require a wide hybrid services set and solutions which offer not just virtualization and connectivity, but true stability across on premises environments and your cloud.

Azure is the only true hybrid cloud which qualifies consistency across management, application development, data, identity, security, and management. Vmware Learning helps you build your profile in an effective way.

VMware replied to this by declaring that the Azure Migrate service is neither certified nor supported by the company, it could not recommend it for the customers.

Our experience has displayed public cloud environments need important joint engineering to run the enterprise workloads said Ajay Patel, the senior vice president product development cloud services at VMware. Thus we are not able to endorse a non-engineered and unsupported solution which is not optimized for the VMware stack.

Patel added VMware won’t recommend and support the customers who runs on the Azure announced partner offering.

Patel also wrote about the various kinds of initiatives VMware already has in place with the cloud providers. The most important is VMware Cloud on AWS. Other partnerships contain IBM and OVH.

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