What is a role of the network engineer?

Information security analyst, IT networking consultant, and network architect are some of the job designations which the CCNA professionals take up. For information security analyst job requires CISCO CCIE security certification. The job of security engineer is developing information security plans and policies, implement protections, test the vulnerabilities, manage the security breaches, and understand the advanced skills in the networking.

IDS or IPS penetration and vulnerability testing, firewall and intrusion detection, monitor the windows, UNIX and Linux operating systems, virtualize the technologies, databases like MySQL and mssql, and understand the access management is the technical aspects of the security analysts. The knowledge derived from CCNA Training in Chennai is very helpful to clear the corporate interviews. Computer network consultants deal with the areas like network architect, a system administrator, a security specialist or a number of different things. The network connections and security measures are the main responsibility of the network consultants.

Benefits of CCNA certification:


Certification is important for a networking engineer. After the certification one can clearly understand the concepts of how it works. The networking job requires in-depth knowledge to attain growth in the career path. Certification highlights your bio-data among the huge professionals. CCNA Course in Chennai is the best course for the beginner with IT background. Programming skills requires logical thinking and mathematics background whereas networking skills requires technical skills and an interest towards networking.

Monetary benefits:

The certified professionals are highly demanded by the MNC companies. The reason behind the hunt for the certified professionals in the networking profession is the company get discount from the CISCO Company if they have CCNA certified professionals. CCNA training Institute in Chennai offers flexible course timings for the college students and working professionals.


It is easy to climb off the ladder if you have networking certification. Networking managers attain the position with the very short period of time. The quick growth in the career enhances the confidence level of the employee.

After certification one can work as the trainer:

After the completion of the certification, one can work as a trainer in the training institutes. After the prescribed period recertification is necessary. Working as a trainer gives extra income to the trainer. Join the best CCNA Institute in Chennai and sharpen your skills.

Derive incredible IT skills:

The networking engineers need to know about the networking job from the different perspective. The various roles of the network engineers are the network administrator, network engineer, sr. network engineer, software engineer, technical support engineer, IT manager, IT consultant, and the systems engineer. Networking knowledge is almost required in all the fields. The cloud technology introduces many new products every day. After getting experience the network engineer can work as the cloud engineer by doing the required course. Developers and networking professionals both are equally valued in the networking field.

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